Teresa Ford Coaching

my pledge to you

My Dear Friend, 

On your incredibly unique journey, I will talk you through the mental and emotional processes of self-recovery and self-discovery in order to guide you to experience the highest version of yourself as you fulfill the mission that only you can complete.

I won’t carry you though, that would be a tremendous disservice and insult to the intuition calling you to listen and follow your inner guidance system. You are completely capable of being the creator of your life, and I would never ask you to follow my path or do what I do. This journey will be unique to your specific design.

I will show you how to remove everything you are not leaving you to feel all the light and love you are made of. I will show you how to tune in to the voice within and shut out the noise of the world. I will guide you around the emotional pitfalls that might otherwise cause you to lose focus and revert back to old habits.

I will lead you to discover who you are and what you want by identifying the parts of your prior conditioning that may be holding you back. Shifting limiting beliefs will set you free to adopt productive beliefs, remove limitations, and boost your personal power. More often than not, limiting beliefs are in the way of getting your needs met so it’s incredibly important that we identify those first in order for you to further act in harmony with your hopes, dreams, wants, and desires.

As I give you the “answers to the test” I expect you to give yourself a chance to succeed and take personal responsibility for your steps forwards, even if they are little baby steps. Steps of any size are still steps forward. “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass!”

As you progress, you will begin to see yourself as God sees you. His perspective removes all doubt, multiplies your personal power to stretch your body, mind, and spirit, and subsequently strengthens the impact you have on your posterity. THIS will be your new favorite vantage point in your life.

With support and encouragement, you will learn how to systematically align and realign with your purpose and move forward with confidence. This is YOUR journey to fulfill the measure of your creation, and this is where we begin; shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, pushing forward toward the light! This is my pledge to you!