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episode #46

juliana in the hot seat

Sometimes we match our emotional energy to the situation at hand or to someone else’s fear-driven energy which can be exhausting. 

Often when this is done, we are not necessarily happy with the results or how we handled the situation. Listen in as our guest, Juliana, discusses how she wants develop her emotional perspective in order to better help her aging mother moving forward and also, her goal to become a caring and confident daughter in the process.

episode #45

your body is asking to be well

You may have noticed all of the different ways your body has manifested “stuck” energy by showing symptoms of 

dis-ease or dys-function. When that happens, it’s time to listen. We discuss our various methods for seeking healing and how we’ve manifested better health through our personal efforts to find the root cause of our bodily discomfort.


ask with real intent

Your best intentions are often real desires to slow down and stop trying to control your environment. They are a true effort to 

understand what is going on, your part in it and how to improve the way you feel moving forward. Listen in as LaRae shares her real intentions about her family and how it worked out in her favor.

episode #43


LaRae shares her progress and how she has grown in confidence and self-support at our 2 year podcast anniversary.

You can take the free Enneagram test here.

episode #42


The Enneagram can be your best source of self-identity since it explains your operating system to you. Understanding why you respond to
life the way you do can bring awareness to promote your self-confidence and support. The point of using the Enneagram is to navigate life better through self-acceptance and awareness.

You can take a free Enneagram test here to identify your personal operating system to become your best self.



Conflict is never fun but when we have the right tools it can be short-lived. Learning how not to be tempted to dissintegrate into your lower self is a 

skill that will increase the positive impact you have on important relationships.

episode #40


Without intention and focus, we can be all over the place and forget what we started and why. When you find 

YOUR word, you are drawn in and laser focus on the true goal that will make your year better with every passing month!

episode #38

screwing up your kids

We have a guest in the hot seat today! Blogger Rachelle @blended_groove has volunteered to put her worst fears 

about screwing up her kids out there to receive some coaching on how to leave a legacy she can be proud of. She’s not the only one who wants to parent with ease. Lean in and learn along with Rachelle as she discovers how to turn her anxiety about parenting into relief after hearing one very simple idea.


part 2: death, marriage, chronic illness and forgiveness

Once we get into the “funnel” of self-discovery and settle in on the organic topic that is delivered to us, these are the tears.

These tears are a means of actualizing ourselves. What is needed most to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and dark thoughts of suicide is self-love. Or in this case, as you will hear, a desire to forgive oneself. This is the hardest part of practicing self-love but crucial for true happiness. Listen in as LaRae begins to resolve in her own heart and mind that she is the one who needs forgiveness the most.

episode #33

follow the "yes"

If you find your life is not going as planned, it’s important that you stop and take stock of why not. Listen in as

Teresa and LaRae use their own personal journeys for better health to discover how to best use your own intuition; using YESes and Nos – to open a path full of solutions, peace, and happiness.

episode #32

practicing unconditional love

Learning to let go of thoughts that no longer serve you – because they come from fear, not love – you will be 

able to discern when you begin thinking conditional thought and how to return to a state of unconditional love for yourself, even under trying circumstances.


how's that learning curve treating 'ya?

We are born to experience the contrast of life and often time we find  the learning curve rater than steep and highly stressful.

If you don’t love it, maybe it’s time to ease the tension in your mind and reduce common but uncomfortable anxiety,  so you can love it, and learn from it all the while, having more fun (aka enjoying the process) becoming who you were meant to be!

episode #30

who would you be without stress?

Who are you when you are just being you? When you leave your conditioning behind and strip your 

thought patterns down to focus on your true loveability you might become uncomfortable without including thoughts about your not-enoughness as part of your daily thought routine.

episode #29

make money following your interests

When you invest in yourself you add interest to your bottom line. When was the last time you invested in yourself?

You become interesting when you spend time increasing your value and self-worth. Did you catch all of the MONEY terms?

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Listen in on our personal experiences and stories to help you draw in the money you deserve and the fun you want to have


trust that everything is working out for you

It’s exhilarating to discover how strong you are. You are not just here to grow  through trial and error. 

No, you have been put here to ENJOY the growth and realize you have what it takes to overcome trials and challenges, not because you struggle hard but because you can relax and enjoy the process of finding your way home to you.

episode #26

be willing to stop struggling

Not struggling with emotional chaos can be uncomfortable because it feels “normal”. It’s exhausting to be in a 

constant state of emotional turmoil. Learn how to stop struggling and be in tune with what will make you feel better!

episode #25

staying in personal integrity

It’s not that other people are bothering you but rather that you are giving your attention to it and losing focus on the 

only thing you have control over which is YOU. Listen in as LaRae shares her antidotes to distractions that pull her away from living in integrity with her best self.


a proper mission statement can bring relief

We spend a lot of time trying to say the right thing or do the right thing so  other will be happy. 

Truthfully, you are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own. LaRae shares her newly-created personal mission statement to show you how effective it can be to have a stabilizing tool in your back pocket when emotional upsets occur during stressful and uncertain times.

episode #23

becoming emotionally honest

Becoming emotionally honest is learning to line up with who you were meant to be so you become the same 

person out in the open as you are behind the scenes. You no longer feel the need to hide the parts of your stress and emotional inconsistencies you might not be fond of. In this episode we help you find your emotional footing so you can be authentically present and connected.

episode #22

crying the weight of the world on your shoulders... and your body

We often pick up emotional baggage that is not ours to carry but we want to

“help” others feel better. You may notice your body is not as light as it once was and you may notice your burdens are heavier which, not by chance, are directly correlated. Listen in as Teresa and LaRae share antidotes to lighten up your stressful burdens.


boundaries -
set them to gain momentum

When you start gaining traction going in the direction you want to go, it’s 

because you have clear-cut boundaries that afford you absolute clarity without the fear of crashing and burning. Listen for the clear distinction of a well-set boundary that will keep you on track!

episode #20

anxiety can help reduce stress

(if you let it)

The inner voice we rely on to guide us won’t shout but negative emotions 

will definitely get to our attention. Listen as LaRae teaches us through her own experience how she let anxiety reduce her stress about taking on the “perfect” job.

episode #19

line up with what you want

If everything is always working for your good, your growth, your personal progression, then

 lining up with what you want will put you in a place to receive more of what you want.


stop getting more of
what you don't want

Since it’s so easy to talk in the negative sense we spend a lot of time talking about what we don’t want. 

what we “don’t” want. But if you ask yourself questions that lead you to positive statements, you will discover your life becoming a reflection of your heart’s true desires.

episode #17

drama isn't really what you want

There’s a monster inside of our minds called Controlzilla. She believes there is a chance of losing her significance 

and so she will find ways to put you in the middle of discord and frustration…which, generally speaking, never feels good.

episode #15

when your inNer 5 year old throws a fit

There are underdevelop parts of us that when we were small were too immature to process our emotions appropriately and

when our brain makes a reference back to that time in our lives, our inner child can really make himself/herself know, and not in a good way! We can do things now in our adult lives that ruin relationships if we don’t get hold of that inner child and put them down for a nap when they get cranky


apologizing for your presence

The unhealthy version of ourselves tells us we don’t deserve to be here. We find ways to apologize for 

leaving any trace of our existence. But our healthy selves know we belong here, to our people and our communities and we can learn to be unapologetic for the impact we make when we allow ourselves to grow into our right to be large and in charge.

episode #12

care more about how you feel if you want to have less stress

Your priorities are your health and self-care. When you care more about how you feel and place importance on getting ahead of the stress by starting 

in a better emotional state, you have better outcomes. Become a happier, less stressed version of yourself and watch the ripple effect in all of your relationships.

episode #11

using the enneagram to understand your true nature

Self-Doubt can really mess with your intentions to live happily and have more fun to achieve the success you have been expecting. But, when you 

decipher between your authentic self and how much is related to your early conditioning, you will be able to reach for your true nature even under stressful conditions.


discovering the strength of the princess archetype

We may get lost in the chaos and clutter of our lives but when enough is enough and we can’t take the stress any longer, we can turn to our 

greatest resource to pull us up out of the ashes, dust us off and lead a life that feels more like who we were born to be. Listen to discover from first-hand experience as “Hope”, our guest in the hotseat, describes the true strength she has derived from a lifetime of trials.

episode #9

moving on to better things

When you are stressed, it’s because you are having thoughts resist what you say you want. But 

when you learn how to turn your brain into a contributor rather than a resister, you feel so good about yourself.

episode #8

controlzilla - your brain taking names and spreading shame

Your brain will find the problems and throw you into fight or flight mode  because it’s hardwired to keep you

hardwired to keep safe. The problem is that you can also  train it to find more than safety issues in your life and after a while, when finding problems becomes a habit, you have to know what to do in order to start listening to that part of you that is your true guide and only wants what’s best for you.


what makes you the way you are

When you look back at how you were “trained” to receive approval, you can grasp a greater understanding about 

who you are today and how you interact with others.

episode #6

what your circle of influences says about you

You choose “your people” and they choose you. So, if we attract who we are, is that a good thing or not?

Is your circle of influence helping or hindering. Tune in and found out.

episode #5

where you learned your worthiness

When it’s difficult to talk about who you are without feeling negative emotions, that is a learned way of thinking. To un-learn it, it is 

helpful to understand where we learned it, the flawed premise to which we attached our worthiness and how to become worthy again


who you believe you are

You want to feel peace, joy and happiness but it’s clear, pushing through the hard stuff is not working for you. FINDING ME is a 

a live coaching podcast guiding you through   the inner workings of your emotional guidance system so you can more  clearly understand who you are, what you want and how to find your personal satisfaction around health, wealth, love relationships and self-worth. Get ready to load up on humorous stories, heart-felt conversations and rock-solid coaching tips.

episode #3

stop pushing on the pull door

You want to feel peace, joy and happiness but it’s clear, pushing through the hard stuff is not working for you. FINDING ME is a 

 coaching podcast guiding you through the inner workings of your emotional guidance system so you can more  clearly understand who you are, what you want and how to find your personal satisfaction around health, wealth, love relationships and self-worth. Get ready to load up on humorous stories, heart-felt conversations and rock-solid coaching tips.

episode #2

processing emotions

What you perceived as a child as part of who you think you are now is just coming from a place of experience from when you were not 

emotionally mature enough to process an advanced emotion. Unwinding the origins of your perceptions will help you understand how emotions are creating your reality.


intro : feeling fragmented

When you find yourself in an unfamiliar place of feeling disconnected with yourself, your relationships or life in general

it’s time to rediscover how to find yourself identity again.