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episode #24

Express yourself with confidence

If we are fearful of being judged or ridiculed, what are the chances we are being true to who we are and the freedom we have to create the life we want? 

If we are fearful of being judged or ridiculed, what are the chances we are being true to who we are and the freedom we have to create the life we want? If we don’t think we have the freedom to be heard and seen as our authentic selves, we are practicing self-abandonment. It’s a self-protection method when we believe we are not safe. However, bottling up your voice has consequences. It’s important to say was needs to be said whether that’s in a form of creative expression or speaking up to set necessary boundaries. Either way, your mental/emotional/spiritual health and quality of life depends on your ability to express the full measure of who you are!

episode #23

navigating fear -
how to put your fear-brain to rest

Are you tired of feeling stressed and burned out from navigating your negative thoughts coming from fear? You are suffering unnecessarily.

Suffering comes from fearful thoughts that produce emotions such as anxiety, depression, grief, burnout, etc. The world is definitely unpredictable right now but it’s the inner dialog where we navigate fear that is complicating our growth by creating resistance to the things we want but can’t seem to grasp. In this episode, I talk about how to discover where the fear is coming from and what to do about it. When you know how to navigate the fear-brain, you reduce high levels of suffering, stagnation, stress, discomfort, and dissatisfaction. The goal is to find peace and discernment by being more decisive, less fearful, and progressing beyond the fear that has had a negative impact on your life.

episode #22

fear of abandonment -
an addiction you can conquer

Your fear of abandonment started somewhere. We’ll explore how to identify the story you live by that creates a fear of abandonment 

traumacycle and how to overcome it whether others are there to support you or not. We’ll discover the antithesis to the fear of abandonment and how to steer clear, cut through the crap and pre-empt the struggle of abandonment.

episode #21

permission to be you 101

In this episode, I will give you three ways to begin (or continue) on your journey of self-discovering your worth and value. 

No one is more important than you! When you are at your best MAGIC happens! When you are moody and less happy about your being-ness, you are not living your best life. The ideas here in this episode are not earth-shattering but they ARE sound. YOU know more accurately who you are apart from your life stories and childhood conditioning and it’s important that you take the time to deliberately place yourself in true alignment with your true nature so you can fulfill the measure of your creation! Your personal satisfaction is at stake!

episode #20

turning fear into faith

Where there is fear, there is a lack of faith. Maybe not in all areas of your life but specifically where fear tends to appear. 

It’s hard not to be afraid of something in this day and age that causes some form of fear, anxiety, or even depression. Faith is an integral part of an abundance mindset. Where there is faith, there is also, trust and beliefs that serve us well. Learning to identify where fear is coming from so you can turn it into a source of limitless possibilities will be your takeaway from this episode.

episode #19

facing fear - learning to respond from your higher self

We all have those moments when we freak out and are filled with anxiety and fear and often we are sorry for

 the way we behaved or are exhausted from the energy output cycling through the drama and trauma day in and day out. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can choose to operate from a place of inner peace and true calm in the face of fear when we make a true connection with our inner self. There is pain when we respond negatively and try to control outcomes just to get a sense of satisfaction or temporary peace. It’s another way of saying pain is information and it’s a sign we need to make a more loving connection with our own self-worth and value so we can respond from a standpoint of love. Hopefully, you’ll pick up a tip or two about how to identify what causes your pain and how you can take responsibility for your emotions in order to handle your personal wellness in the face of fear in the future

episode #18

understanding your thoughts -
make your beliefs work for you

Your beliefs are made up of your habits of thought from years and years of thinking one particular way. Negative emotions are

 a product of thinking a false belief is true. A false belief will never make you feel better and a true belief will always make you feel good because truth feels good. So when you feel frustrated, angry, annoyed, unappreciated, or any other negative emotion to any degree it’s an indication that your thoughts are focused on a premise of an untrue belief you think is true. In this episode, I walk you through the worksheet you can download for free at http://teresafordcoaching.teachable.com/makingyourbeliefsworkforyou. Download this free worksheet first and then we can work through your thoughts to identify where your false beliefs are holding you back together.

episode #17

love misplaced -
how to feel so loved

When love feels lost because you seem to be giving it away to everyone without receiving it back from anyone, we can feel a deep 

sense of loss. But when we renew the love, which is always in abundance, we cannot feel abandoned, rejected, overwhelmed, taken for granted, unappreciated, or loss. Rather we embody our purpose to be love and light and share our abundance. Listen in to discover how to fill your soul with the love in which you were created!

episode #16

realigning your misplaced value -
doing the inner work

The world is a noisy place and our external environment can lead us to place our value on what they need from us or want us to 

believe. It’s a lot of work to try to be valuable in a world that is consumed with also trying to be valuable to everyone else but themselves. When we do our inner work and discover how little we have to try to be significant, we will save a ton of energy trying to prove ourselves and be witness to a significant reduction in stress. Whew! It’s going to be alright.

episode #15

becoming a cooperative component
in your own life

There’s no one who can stand in our way like we can! We’ll argue for our limitations all day if our beliefs are not lined up with our desires. 

Listen in on how you may be blocking your own success and how to get unstuck from those limiting beliefs. Everything you want is waiting for you to access it when you do what is necessary to cooperate with your hopes, dreams, and greatest desires.

episode #14

boundaries: how to gain clarity without keeping people out

The way we use the word BOUNDARIES these days can be ineffective for making actual change. Sometimes we are the ones who are crossing boundaries with ourselves and

sometimes we or they are crossing boundaries with one another. The analogy Teresa shares in this episode will help you understand how to set appropriate boundaries, hold boundaries with yourself, and also how to save time and energy correctly so you’ll have a more relaxed and easy-going life journey.

episode #13

the butterfly principle:
teaching people how to treat you

What if the past (or present) toxic (unhealthy) relationships were not the reason you have felt stuck or stunted in life?  What if

your worth hasn’t been in question this whole time? What if your true potential to live your life on your terms has simply been a matter of discovering your wings to freedom? The Butterfly Principle will help you make sense of the obstacles that you may have perceived have held you back in toxic or unhealthy relationships. And you will discover how to break free and discover your true power to live your life free of other’s emotional needs or opinions.

episode #12

simplifying your manifesting technique- you have one job!

We can be overly complicated and complex. The “manifestation” of our behaviors results in living complicated and complex lives. The good news is 

you can stop being complicated and complex and instead simplify your processes which also reduces your stress. #WINWIN                The things you desire the most will come to you when you can ease up and become a co-creator with the only part you really have power to change and let the “universe” fill in the rest. You are the common denominator between what you want and what you have…for better or worse. The mindset shift I share in this episode can help you finally see how powerful your co-creative abilities can be!

episode #11

the pitt :
falls of manifesting desires

We have a cooperative spirit in us that thrives when we put our gifts and talents to work to make our dreams come true. However, if we’re wondering

why we’re not manifesting the way we think it should happen, maybe it’s because we’re busy digging a P.I.T.T. for ourselves and not actually doing anything productive toward changing the circumstances. Learn how to stop doing the unnecessarily exhausting busy-work and discover the easy way to create a new reality.

episode #10

vision and clarity worksheet guided walk-through

This is your goal-setting worksheet for the year. The goal for setting your intentions is not to clutter your life with more busy-work you don’t have time 

for but to simplify your ONE true intention to shift into a good state of mind at a moments’ notice. If stress is high, the enjoyment of life is low. So in order to get the most out of life, you need to identify where your stress is coming from, why it remains a stressor, and what to do about it. In other words, you want to be proactive and decisively so about handling stress so you can increase your level of satisfaction even in uncertain times.  I will walk you through my personal philosophies of why traditional goal setting causes overwhelm and how to simplify your intentions to manifest more of all the good stuff that you want in the coming year.

You can download the Vision and Clarity Worksheet from my Teachable website at http://www.TeresaFordCoaching.Teachable.com/VisionandClarityWorksheet

Set your free coaching session to assist you through this worksheet here: https://calendly.com/selfmasterycoach/vision-and-clarity-worksheet-review

episode #9

giving to get principles : building healthy relationship witH yourself

Discovering our motivations for giving and receiving love is an important element to understanding the types of people we attract and the reason why 

some people might need to exit our lives. It boils down to the mindset we have been using that either builds a healthy relationship with ourselves or we discover our relationships and social interactions bring us a lot of drama (anxiety, depression, fear, worry, doubt, codependent behaviors, etc). You will find 4 ways to improve your personal relationship with yourself in this episode and how those four mindset shifts will allow you to feel more confident in your ability to heal and experience love in satisfying and meaningful ways.

episode #8

manifesting 102 :
manifested the man of my dreams!

When you learn the principle that you can be, do and have anything you desire, you can begin to intentionally advocate for  in your best interest. 

You will learn how I became the person of my OWN dreams and then…I man-ifested the love of my life. I give you the same 6 steps I took to get intentional about one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.

episode #7

manifesting 101 :
you're already doing it!

The buzzword about town is MANIFESTING and it seems to be this illusive magical gift that only a few possess but that is a false rumor! YOU my friend, are a magnificent

manifestor! You manifest the things you want every single day. I have proof! In this episode, I will share the easiest ways you already manifest the simple things you want and how to manifest all the big things too!

episode #6

mastering true alignment

Getting what you want out of life is 100% up to you. And whether or not you are aligned fully with who you are 

what you want, will make or break your dreams. Mastering alignment with who you are so you can have the life you want is an essential skill to reduce stress and create more ease in the future.

episode #5

yucky gut soup - what your emotions are trying to tell you

Life is too short to wonder how to get out from under a cloud of dark (or even dim) emotions. I share ways you can determine

what you’re feeling and why so you can feel better, reduce your stress, and get rid of emotionally toxic feelings that have been holding you back.

episode #4

love vs fear :
which one are you operating from?

Learning to recognize who you are being when you are navigating life will  help you find more happiness and feel less stressed

when you center yourself in love, not fear. That’s stating the obvious but if being fearful is a habit then it’s time to narrow down the ways you can operate from love more often.

episode #3

eliminate resistance :
pushing on the pull door

You say you want something but then can’t quite make it happen. What is that? 

Why are others able to be, do, and have anything but for you, it’s a struggle? Most likely, you are standing in your own way offering up resistance against what you said you wanted. I have a few examples that might help you release the resistance you are feeling…plus the stress,…plus the anxiety,…plus the shame/guilt/fear, etc. so you can finally break free and manifest the dreams in your heart.

episode #2

baby steps -
walk before you run

We get nothing done when we succumb to OVERWHELM. Anxiety and depression 

and even Iow-level stress come from overloading our brain with the overwhelming thoughts, share some antidotes for reducing stressors and managing expectations to reduce the amount of time we spend feeling overwhelmed.

episode #1

hi! introducing myself to you

Here are the details of what you can expect to be included in the episodes of this podcast.