Teresa Ford Coaching

You want to feel peace, joy, and happiness in your life, but it’s clear that pushing through the “hard stuff” is not working for you. FINDING ME is a live coaching podcast guiding you through the inner workings of your emotional guidance system so that you can more clearly understand who you are and what you want. Say goodbye to anxiety and energy-draining worry and control tactics.

With LaRae in the hot seat (with a box of tissues) leading the charge, you will discover how to empower yourself to practice the alignment process manifesting the health, love, and self-worth you seek. Be ready to load up on humorous stories, heartfelt conversations, and rock-solid coaching tips.


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GUIDING YOU HOME is a thought-provoking and often humorous approach to moving you closer to the only one who can genuinely help you accept your Godly inheritance to live a life of abundance and prosperity. Prosperity and abundance are a matter of finding alignment and balance in all areas of your life.  It’s YOU! You are in the driver’s seat of your life, co-creating with God. 

So, get your mind right and make room for further light and knowledge! It’s not always what Coach T says that’s as important as what you are ready to hear. As you continue to listen, you will discover elements of how to lead with your inner light, act on your specific promptings, and follow your spiritual intuition so you can fulfill the measure of your creation!

Listen to our Podcast on YouTube here!



On this mapping journey, we’ll explore the path of most allowance to help you focus on your “destination” without veering off the road, getting lost, or taking long detours.