Teresa Ford Coaching

Grief is the disconnection and disappointment (i.e., sadness, stress, despair, anger, fear, shock, dismay, bewilderment, and many other emotions – all rolled into one mind-bending and gut-wrench tidal wave of emotions) experienced after a sharp deviation from preset expectations of how your life would go for you.

Trauma is the result of experiences that can happen suddenly or grow in conscious awareness slowly. These are unexpected experiences your brain and nervous system were not prepared to manage, much less have an outlet for the negatively-charged emotional energy of the event. 

Grief and Trauma are often experienced together because when there has been trauma, the sense you have may be a loss of self, love, purpose, your dreams, trust in your ability to use discernment, trust in your life path, trust in others, or the loss of courage, confidence, strength, or desire to move forward. 

The degree to which you can heal and at what pace is a very personal journey. There is no timeline for grief and trauma recovery because it can’t be hurried, only experienced as one is ready to do so. Learning how to process your emotions is what will give you the edge and understanding to move through your grief and trauma journey without picking at the scabs. 

You have all of the time in the world to take this journey at your own pace. Besides learning how to process your emotions, you will:

  • Learn how to reset your nervous system for clarity of thought and deeper rest to help relieve your exhaustion,
  • Discover how to become emotionally available without exposing a tender heart too soon, 
  • Be able to identify triggers and make a plan to respond to them so you don’t sideline yourself every few minutes,
  • Remove resistance to a new reality and make peace with what once was, 
  • Begin to redefine safety in the mind and body,
  • Stay completely functional while healing behind closed doors without burying your feelings,
  • Reconnect to your sense of self, life, and purpose,
  • Take responsibility for your own well-being.

The reason grief and trauma stay in a state of grief and trauma is in large part due to, but not limited by, not knowing how to handle a shocking situation you have not dealt with before, the loneliness that is part of grieving, the disconnect from what was “supposed” to be, and the numbness that can shut down your nervous system leaving you without a plan to come back to life. 

Support and guidance will make all of the difference between allowing tragic events to hold you back from living your life or rising to a new place of peace, forgiveness (for yourself and others), and personal freedom to create a life “rising up from the ashes”.

This healing and recovery group is small for confidential and supportive purposes. It is designed for those who are ready to receive crucial support as they heal. There will be coaching sessions to practice emotional tools to increase stability and awareness. You will receive insight into the mindset of the healing process and learn how you can support yourself better than anyone else can. Eventually, you will discover how to live a whole-hearted life again as the grief subsides and the hope begins to rise again. 

This group is deeply meaningful to Coach Teresa Ford. In the aftermath of some of life’s greatest challenges, she can attest that grief can be one of your greatest teachers if you let it become what was meant for your highest good, even under the seemingly worst possible circumstances imaginable.