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Dear Friend,

I couldn’t be happier that you are here exploring options for your future emotional health and mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. It takes a great desire to make a leap into becoming your truest, most powerful self.

I once sat with a potential client who was on the verge of committing to her health when suddenly she broke down and started to cry. I was taken aback and asked what was wrong. She hid her face under the collar of her t-shirt and said through her tears, “This is so scary for me because I don’t know who I will become. I’ve never been healthy so I don’t know if I can maintain this new person I say I want to be. What if I can’t do it?”

Therein lies the wisdom of God. It won’t be a shock when you realize the behavior of your true self and the intellect of your mind and the intelligence in your heart all match because it won’t happen overnight. You will have to put in the practice and the time to break old patterns and shift limiting beliefs. In nothing less than a year, with consistent presence of mind, you will slowly but palpably change for the better. You will be very aware you have become who you said you wanted to be and it will be a permanent change, I promise! 

When I was in the beginning stages of letting go of my childhood baggage, one of my grown daughters made the comment, “We don’t even know who you are anymore. You’re not the mother who raised us!” My question back to her was, “Isn’t that a good thing?” 

She thoughtfully contemplated my questions while my consistent improvement stood the test of time. I can attest that all of my children would now concur, YES, it is a very good thing! They trust I can be a mother and a mentor because I have become an emotionally safe place for them to express themselves without my own false beliefs getting in the way of their own processes and progress. 

This kind of change doesn’t have a destination. It has an eternal growth pattern. We’re not looking for perfection. After all, we’ll never get it all done in this life. We are however looking for mastery of awareness. In the beginning, all it takes is a desire to do better to be better. I can guide you through the steps after that. No guesswork. No failed attempts. If the desire is in your heart to align yourself with your true purpose for being here, this work is for you. Your ‘desire’ is the key indicator you can do it and you will be successful through daily practice and steady progress! 

I am a self-proclaimed pattern-breaker. I’ve had to be. I know what it is to struggle with who I know I am and what others have needed me to be. My mission in life is to break the negative and harmful generational patterns and flip the trajectory of my heritage. It is also my intention to help you do the same. You will be a mentor much longer than you will do your mothering. It’s never too late to become the one your posterity can look to know a better way to align with their own personal mission.

It is my conviction that it only matters who we become along the journey. There is no timeline for discovering who you are and what you want out of life. And, no one is coming to save you. You are the one you’ve been waiting for to dive in and experience true freedom of self-expression. When you rise up to meet your true potential as a daughter of God, you will bring others along with you as you fulfill the measure of our creation. That is the reason you are here, and I love you for it!

Warmest appreciation for your good heart,

Teresa Ford

              Welcome to               Teresa Ford Coaching!

We’re so glad you’re here.

Welcome to Teresa Ford Coaching! 

We’re so glad you’re here. 


Remove All Doubt

Help Thou My Unbelief is a course to help you develop fearless energy. It’s an innerstanding of your personal power and courage to be believing and trust God to guide you as you ask and receive in perfect harmony with your life purpose.


14-Day Walk to Your Higher Self


14-day writing-based course will help you tap into guided inspiration specific to you so you can continually elevate your understanding of who you are and envision your limitless possibilities



Discover a deeply meaningful method to inspire you to find solutions for easy alignment with your intention to grow and contribute! Your vision will be crystal clear for the foreseeable future!

"Getting clear on WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT is the fastest away to fulfill the measure of your creation. "



When I first heard Teresa speak about her life experiences, I knew she had the tools and experiences I needed for my life. I wanted what she had…acceptance, understanding, and clarity as to why we are here having the experiences we are having. The information and support she offers are exactly what I needed to improve my life.

She is an inspired, talented and gifted healer. My life has improved, my interactions with others have improved and she has led me on a path of continual improvement and success. She teaches skills and concepts that have changed the way I view myself and others.

She has introduced me to new ideas and approaches that have changed the way I see myself, others, and my past. Teresa not only offers new ideas and concepts but she has the intuition to personalize exactly what is needed in the healing process and when it is needed. Her timing and approach have been spot on in my individual experience.

She was able to help me “grow up” the parts of me that have been waiting to be heard and validated and loved for so many years. She has helped me to work through difficult past memories that I have been struggling to move on from. I was “stuck” in many situations in my life and she helped me clear away the debris and supported me in a way that not only comforted me but motivated me.

She is a true healer and has created a program and approach, unlike anything I have experienced. I have been to many support groups, therapists, and counselors. None of them have ever come close to offering the healing that Teresa has helped me obtain.

I would not be in the happy, healthy, positive place that I am today without her care, concern, and confident approach. I look forward to the future with excitement because of the guidance I have received. I will continue to use the techniques and tools to not only keep my life on track but now guide my children to live their best life as well.